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Le me, keeping it simple

Le me, keeping it simple

Common sense is not so common

I design simple things. Those that are easy to use, work well and look well. 

I provide straightforward no-bullshit approach:

  • less is more
  • devil is in the details
  • design shall be self-explanatory


Why startups fail?

In my experience, most are trying to do too much. Either they never even release the product, or they spend fortune on developing something that ultimately nobody wants.


How you can avoid it?

You can't. But you gotta minimize the risks – I believe the holy grail is to get the Minimum Viable Product out of the door ASAP – betcha I'll tell you what "minimum" is! :-) 

Forget about lengthy UX analyses and bullshit. I've worked with all kinds of startups all around the world and in the last 7 years I've probably seen it all – I'm here to put all my experience into your product.

Ultimately, the only reliable way to find out whether people really want your product is to have it out in the wild. Done is better than perfect... See if it works, if not, make changes, ship again. Rinse, repeat.


If you like my approach, I'd be glad to help you. Contact me please at [email protected].

I do mostly mobile apps. iPhone, a bit of Android. Sometimes also web apps (dashboards, etc.) and sites.

I can communicate with developers. Really. They are often a special breed, hard to talk to. But I understand their work. I have also solid background and broad knowledge of technologies and approaches in development, be it web or native apps. That helps avoiding facepalm moments and keeping the workflow smooth.

I am used to remote work, but can also work onsite, if needed. Pretty much anywhere in the world.

Currently I am based in
San Francisco
Vienna yet again
New York
between Olomouc and NYC (well, wherever you need me)

Josef Richter