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How to fix Facebook iPhone app

To explain my thinking behind the designs, I wanted to show you some of my user experience works and concepts.

Facebook mobile app is used daily by hundreds of millions people, yet the experience is pretty painful in my view. I do understand that serving such a broad and diverse audience forces you to often make tough decisions and compromises, so don't take this as an attack on the whole Facebook design team. I do believe they do a lot of great work based on the data they have in hand, and I really love the Messenger app for example.

These are just my thoughts what could be improved or tried.

I believe the biggest problem is the handling of the feed and new stories – and this is the same problem that applies to Instagram, Twitter, Vine, and pretty much all the "feed-based" apps. Therefore I am opening the question – why don't we actually reverse the feed, with all the benefits described below?

I would be very happy to hear your comments and thoughts. Thanks


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